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We are a San Diego-based real estate company focused on buying residential and commercial properties in the San Diego and Florida markets. We focus on value-add 'B' and 'C' class properties where we can leverage our experience and knowledge to provide immediate appreciation to our investments.

We are always looking for deals and always looking for investors. If you or anyone you know is interested in investing in real estate please reach out to schedule a call.

Would you like to rent one of our units? On www.hammerstone-estates.com you can view detailed property information, such as photos, floorplans, amenities, and schools in the area, without logging in to the site or submitting personal information. You may contact us at any time, schedule a tour, or request an appointment.

Mission Statement 

Hammerstone Estates is a rental real estate company committed to serving families with the same integrity and vision that has helped so many others find the perfect rental home for their loved ones.  

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We are here for any inquiries you might have about our apartment or home listings website, if you need help with your home search and other related questions.